My goal is to work with parents and children as they navigate family life in the 21st century. I'm down to earth, 100% real and committed to enpowering adults to tackle challenging child behaviour through calm and confident parenting. 


From my private practice based in Sydney I work with families from all walks of life. My background is as an Educational & Developmental Psychologist (yes a mouthful!) but that basically means that my training is in the developmental stages and needs of children, and indeed adults, across the lifespan. 


No training though could prepare me like the years of practical experience working closely with real families every single day. I am a firm believer that children and families should not be in long term therapy -most common behavioural difficulties can be significantly improved in 1-2 sessions of practical help. In my practice I hold onto the belief that in the vast majority of cases parents are the best therapists for children. 


I am a regular commentator in media publications and have been featured in Practical Parenting, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sunday Telegraph, Sydney's Child and Cosmopolitan. I have also provided comment and appeared on Channel Seven's The Morning Show, radio 2GB and 2UE and was the expert in the three part ABC documentary "Making Families Happy". I also have a regular parenting column in the St. George & Sutherland Shire paper 'The Leader'.


On my blog you will find my views, thoughts and at times rants on a variety of child behavoiur, psychology and parenting topics. I have always been known to be opinionated, but believe that all parents are just doing the best they can at the time, as the saying goes "when you know better you do better!". Disagreement leads to healthy debate which is a good thing all round. 


If you would like to find out more about my private practice (and the fellow awesome psychologists we have working there) then head over to 

Meet Clare

"in the vast majority of cases parents are the best therapists for children"

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