Clare is an engaging, passionate and professional speaker on all things child, family and parenting. She is available for keynote speeches, workshops and seminars to parents, schools, medical professionals, allied health, family lawyers and corporate bodies. Her presentations are energetic and personal as she is able to combine years of experience of working with families with up to date knowledge of evidence based science. 

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Below are some of Clare's most popular presentation topics, or she can tailor a subject to suit your needs. 

Most Popular Topics


This talk is aimed at: Parents, carers, teachers, childcare staff

Who is in control in your house?


Are you a calm and confident parent leading the household under your experienced hand? or are you struggling with defiance and tantrums before breakfast even begins?

Clare takes parents through her simple techniques for regaining their position at the top of the heirachy, reducing daily battlegrounds, and creating a calmer and happier household.

This talk is aimed at: Parents, healthcare professionals (paediatricians, GPs, dietitians), childcare professionals.  

Sick of having the same stand off arguments every night because your little-miss refuses to eat anything other than plain pasta, white bread and half a chicken nugget? Let Clare steer you through the minefield of fussy eating as you gain skills that will transform you into a calm and confident parent at the dinner table.

DIVORCED PARENTING: What every parent needs to know

This talk is aimed at : Parents who have separated or are separating

Every parent worries about the impact their divorce will have on their children. Do it the right way, and you will have resilient children who come through the experience with minimal impact. Do it the wrong way and the potential risks are for serious and lifelong psychological injury. Clare presents this practical straight up guide for separated parents that will put you on the right track. 

WORKING WITH LITIGATING PARENTS: A guide for health professionals

This talk is aimed at: Psychologists/counsellors/social workers, allied health, healthcare professionals, school staff. 

If you work with families or children, sooner or later you will find yourself in the middle of seaparated litigating parents. Which means the potential for getting caught up in dealing with requests for reports, dealing with subpoenas, and talking with lawyers. Clare talks through through the basic of the Family Law system, the lingo, and how you should handle such cases.  

CHILD DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS: Getting back to evidence based Science

This talk is aimed at: Psychologists, Healthcare professionals (paediatricians, GP's) allied health, childcare professionals, teachers.

ADHD, ODD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Auditory Prosessing Disorder, Behavioural Optometry, Sendory diets, Learning Disorders... No wonder we are confused when diagnosing and delivering early intervention to our kids! Sift through the evidence and psudo-science with this clear and 'back to the evidence' presentation.  

PARENTAL ALIENATION: Does it really exist?

This talk is aimed at: Family lawyers, psychologists/counsellors
There has been much controversy in the field of separated families and in particular the use of the term Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). Clare weaves practical experience from working in this field combined with current research in this informative presentation for professionals working with separated families. 

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